Upcoming YA Books (second half of 2021)

There are some amazing books coming out this second half of 2021 and I am so psyched! This is another post with the Top Ten Tuesday prompts over at That Artsy Reader Girl

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6 x 4 in (8)

Six Crimson Cranes | July 6 | I mean can I ever not read a retelling. No I can not. All a blurb needs is the word retelling and I am on that. This is The Wild Swans retelling which I'll have to look up because I have never heard of it but I will still love it regardless. Plus that cover is giving me life. I thankfully have the arc to this and am about to dive in!


6 x 4 in (12)

The Bones of Ruin | Sept. 7 | Victorian London. Fantasy. African Tightrope Walker who is Immortal! Please be good, please be good!

6 x 4 in (9)

XOXO  | July 13 |  The reviews of this are amazing so I need it. I don't listen to K-Pop and have never watched a K-Drama but I'm still down with that jive. I enjoy anime and manga's and I know of that fan base and world so it's close enough.  

6 x 4 in (13)

The Taking of Jake Livingston | July 13 | I'm not going to lie. The cover itself made me add it to my TBR but it's about a boy who is the only black boy at a prep school....and he can see the dead. There's a reason the cover so so cool looking. It's impossible for a book with this cover to not be good. 

6 x 4 in (10)

Vespertine | Sept. 28 | I loved Enchantment of Ravens and Sorcery of Thorns so I'm guaranteed to love this one too. 

6 x 4 in (14)

Hello | Sept. 7 | A COVID romance. I'm excited to see books set during the quarantine. It'll be so different and many teens will be able to relate. 

6 x 4 in (11)

These Hollow Vows | July 20 | A girl caught between two Fae courts. Just take my money.

6 x 4 in (15)

A Psalm of Storms and Silence | Nov. 2 | I read A Song of Wraiths and Ruin earlier this year and loved it and can't wait to dive into the second one!

6 x 4 in (17)

The Great Big One | July 20 | Ohhh. This one sounds kind of like the world in The Final Six which I am currently listening to. Terrifyingly apocolyptic!

6 x 4 in (16)

The Holiday Switch | October 5 | I don't think I've really read a holiday YA rom-com! This will definitely be in my to buy list!













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